For any heterosexual male in this world there is nothing as depressing and heartbreaking as an undersized penis. We have witnessed a multitude of relationships come to an undeserved end because of this incapacitation and a big population males individuals have committed suicides or gone into states of depression. I am among the unfortunate few blessed with tiny manhood. My childhood friends used to laugh at me every time they got an opportunity and fierce fights were the result. Sometimes I got hurt during battles which I couldn’t manage. At adolescence, my erect penis could hardly reach 4 inches and to add salt to an injury, it was curved.

I was lucky to be endowed with unspeakable beauty. Not a single lady could easily resist my advances. My athletic body and comedic character would make any girl long to win my soul. But, I would hardly sustain a relationship after the first sexual encounter due to my tremendous underperformance. My discovery of SizeGenetics was a turning point in my life. After using this product for a period of approximately seven months, I started noticing impressive results. The length and girth of my erect member grew considerably and it became extensively straight. To be absolutely sincere, I am now married with two kids and my sexual life is extremely wonderful. I am among the many individuals who have actually benefited from this product and it really deserves comprehensive review.

How SizeGenetics Works.

This marvelous extender is engineered to apply a soft, painless tension to the penis in order to initiate growth. As the extended pulling occurs, the penile cells start to multiply and as a result the penis grows.

Main Components

1.Penis Extender

This is a medical grade device which does the actual expansion of the penile tissue over an extended period of time. It is approved by several doctors to offer satisfactory permanent results. It is comfortable to use as there will be no alterations in movements in the long run.

2. ProSolution Pills

These are natural pills and are intended to catalyze the penis growth throughout the application period. The package usually comes in two bottles and it facilitates blood circulation in the penis.

3. Volume Pills

These natural pills are designed to boost your overall sexual performance and increased semen production. Your sexual partner will feel great during sex and a much more fulfilling orgasm will be a guarantee to both of you.

My Review of the Product


SizeGenetics penis extender is a medical grade device. It is a high quality device that is very safe for use. It is made of good quality and durable material that does not wear out easily. A quality product always produces satisfactory results.

2. Comfort

The unique 16 way comfort technology strap offered by the device ensures maximum comfort when wearing it. Since you feel comfortable and painless using this device, you will tend to love it. Comfort strap makes this product to be distinguishable from other brands lacking it.

3. Customer Testimonials

A large number of customers including myself have been very happy with this product. There are numerous outstanding testimonials on the vendor’s website among other sources. Some have confessed to gain several inches both in length and in circumference but, the product works differently among different individual. Nevertheless, most men are contented with their results.

4. Expected Results

The product is not only used to lengthen the penis but it also straightens curved penises. Upon its usage, you are expected to add 1-3 inches in penis size after about 6 months of usage. You cannot expect a typical result because individuals react differently to the same treatment.

5. Negative Sides

This device is much safe compared to other inferior products on the market. You should be keen on following the instructions in order not to accidentally hurt your penis.

Under very rare circumstances, discomfort and pain may result. But, a special 16-way comfort technology strap makes things much more comfortable for you.

Conclusions and Recommendations

From the above Sizegenetics review is a clearly legitimate product. If you want to expand the size of your penis or straighten it if bent effortlessly and painlessly, then this product is a hotcake for you to rush for. You will not only get a high quality device but also some exiting benefits that includes; customer support and a friendly, money back guarantee that is entirely reliable.

Penis Advantage Program Review

Since you are on this page, you would have probably heard about penis advantage program. It’s safe to assume, you have come across tons of reviews for the product. If the other reviews didn’t help you, this genuine one would do. We provide you with the right facts and stats without the marketing type. When i stumbled upon Penis Advantage, two factors impressed me. Firstly they stated it can be done from home. Secondly I was required to use hands only, therefore no pills. Added to the list are no weights, pumps, surgeries, or anything that comes with side effects.penis-advantage

The testimonials were remarkable though you can’t trust them these days. The product was all about increasing your penis size and staying power. A few more fillers were seen in the page, which is common in internet. By reading the signs via social media, it was evident, the product does work. Penis advantage is not a scam in first place. Though the results were not as claimed, it was something to brag about. Every consumer did gain 1-3 inches for themselves. However the 4 inch claim seems to have never happened. This is what made me consider penis advantage, a serious product to review.

What is the Penis Advantage Program?

Penis Advantage is an internet membership based penis enlargement program. It shows you how to increase size naturally as well as boost penis health. It requires you to perform a particular set of exercises regularly. You need to spend as little as 6 minutes a day for this program.

What is the claim?

Penis advantage promises to show you how to add up to 4 inches to your penis size. It guarantees results within two months of doing the suggested set of exercises. As per the claim, better curvature, grith and penis health in quick time is real prospect.

Once you signed up or membership, you would notice they have the most simplistic main section. There are not much multimedia media plugins and flash ads to distract you. The program doesn’t throw tons of links your way. Instead you see a set of exercises to execute on daily basis. The results hugely depend on your discipline towards usage. The program is rock solid to the extent; it starts by teaching the right way to measure your penis size. Penis advantage has avoided omission of details as much as possible. There is safety precautions listed in the sections prior to showing the exercises.

Most of the workouts are demonstrated with video and the amount of details in the exercises is impressive too. The techniques are demonstrated on a cucumber instead of real penis, to make viewers feel comfortable. The workouts start from the beginner intro level to advanced level. There are specific exercises to change the penis head shape, curvature, foreskin restoration etc… The results aren’t phenomenal for first few weeks, but with span of months, you can add few inches to your shaft. At any point in time, you don’t need to buy anything extra for this program.

Final Verdict
People have benefited so far and the program is worth a try.

John Collins’s Penis Enlargement Bible Review

penis enlargement bible reviewPenis Enlargement Bible has been a perfect guide to changing men’s sex life. The results it delivers to the users cannot be worth comparing to what pills, extenders or any other supplements can offer. While all these other methods only deliver short time results, the Penis Enlargement Bibles helps grow the penis naturally and offer long term results as well. Dr. John Collins discovered two ultimate techniques that grows the penis size using natural methods. The two-proven steps of growing penis can also help an individual learn how to experience a much longer and powerful erection with increased sexual stamina:

1. Biology-Based Growth

Here Dr. John Collins shows men how to kick start their body into restarting the natural processes, using natural supplements. The technique, which is also called ‘Biochemical Penis Enlargement’, is proven to grow the length and girth of the penis drastically. Over 5000 men have tested this method and experienced results which have lasted for years. It’s during puberty that men’s penis start growing. And at this time, the penis will begin to grow but on reaching a certain point, it will stop growing as the biochemical that induces the growth becomes dormant. Hence this technique becomes ideal for men experiencing life after puberty to re-activate the biochemical with the help of naturally formulated nutrients.

2. Easy Exercise for Faster Growth and Permanent Results

There have been many claims that pumps and weighs can increase the penis size. But how effective can that be? Actually, the results tend to be 50-50. A man’s penis will start growing naturally once the biochemical in the body stream is activated. Once that is done, an individual might not need to do exercise anymore. After completing a biochemical penis enlargement treatment and penis Enlargement System, an individual might not need to use pumps and weights to activate the biochemical in their bodies.

Are The Results Of This Program Real?

The techniques, which are outlined in the Penis Enlargement Bible Review, can help men gain minimum 2-inches but it can even extend to four inches in some men. With Dr. John Collins 2-step program:

-It is easier to notice the changes of penis growth from average to large size or from small to average

-Men can make extensive changes in their bodies during the process

-A measuring tape can be unnecessary because the women will just feel it in bed

Penis Enlargement Bible Timing

Majority of the penis enlargement methods and supplements usually promise immediate results. Unfortunately, immediate results can’t be possible for anyone looking for profound biological changes. Penis enlargement Bible techniques actually take advantage of the body’s biological processes to effect penis enlargement. With the program’s training and supplements, men will experience another growth spurt.

Can One Experience Any Side Effects With Penis Enlargement Bible Program?

The two-step methods of Penis Enlargement Bible Program were tested among 5000 men and were found to produce significant results. What makes the program more reliable and effective is the fact that it employs natural methods in penis enlargement. Also, since it takes some time to realize results, an individual is likely to experience permanent results. But the question is: can one experience any side effects by using the Penis Enlargement Bible? There are no side effects whatsoever. Unless an individual is suffering from certain medical conditions, then it might be advisable for him not to use the methods. In such a case, one needs to consult with the physician to get appropriate advice on what to do.

10 Tips To Increase Penis Size Naturally

tips to increase penis sizeWomen are not the only ones to suffer from negative body image. Men too are obsessed with the size and girth of their penis. All men did not come into the world with a large penis. Changes in lifestyle can affect the size and girth of the penis. When your penis enters the female during intercourse, the woman feel more friction on the sides (walls) inside of her sex. The pleasure in women will manifest more by a penis larger because in this case, your penis will create more friction inside the vagina, and give much more sexual pleasure.

Having a large penis will certainly make you better in bed, with more opportunities to enjoy a woman, and the ability to give her multiple orgasms, the ultimate satisfaction. So if you are obsessed with the size of your penis, follow these 10 tips in order to increase the penis size of it naturally Since your ability to expand sex depend on your condition, certain conditions must be observed:

Stop smoking:

Tiny particles present in cigarettes tend to block the arteries; it is also one of the reasons why the tobacco is related to heart disease. A poor supply of blood to the organs, causes a malfunction of the latter, it is the same for penis.

Exercise regularly:

Strength training and weight loss are not the only reasons to head to the gym. If you want to be healthy, have a long penis, exercising regularly to clear the arteries and increase blood flow to the penis.

Avoid high calorie diet:

Consuming foods rich in fat and calories, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, can lead you to suffer from heart disease and have a smaller penis. Lack of exercise or physical activity increases the rate of cholesterol in the arteries, reducing blood flow into the penis. So give up eating junk food for a healthy and thicker penis

Eating fruits and vegetables:

Eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. This compound helps fight against free radicals in the arteries and also strengthen. So you can improve the growth of the penis by eating foods rich in antioxidants.

Losing belly fat:

A big belly reduces the appearance of the penis. Even if you have a big penis, it may seem smaller if you have a big belly.

Reduce stress:

The anxiety and stress reduced penis size, negative emotions draw blood away from the penis, making it more difficult to expand it. The anxiety of the performance is also a factor causing a smaller penis.


Relax, meditate or practice yoga to have a fulfilling sex life. Relaxation helps improve blood circulation in the body, thereby stimulating the growth of the penis.

To warm up:

Cold reduces penis size, take a hot shower to keep your body warm to increase blood flow to the penis and body.

The jelqing:

Increase blood flow to the penis and increase the pressure through jelqing, popularly called the handjob. A repeated movement of caresses and compression, increasing the penis size.