Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal


One of the successful veteran online marketer Anik Singal has just launched the second version for Inbox Blueprint. The very first version for Inbox Blueprint was released some two years back and the product was a huge success instantly. After the tremendous response received for the first version, now Anik Singal has just released Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review as the latest program for online marketing. Anyone interested can grab the program from the official website of the product by registering self for it.

About Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 (also identified as IB 2.0) by Anik Singal is an online marketing program. This is second version release of the program. The first version was released back and was an instant click with the students and professionals. The latest release is available online. User can download the program modules by registering themselves on the official website of the product Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal. Here is a list of eight modules that accompanies with the program for a successful online marketing and ultimately money making.

  • Module 1 – Picking a Niche: This program highlights on the best niche segment for you that would help you in successful email marketing and make money through it. The method suggested in this module is well resourced with specific questionnaires and exercise for you to identify the best niche.
  • Module 2 – Opt-In Pages: Once you select the best niche for yourself, in this module you would be able to learn to design opt-in pages that are effective enough. This would help in increasing people numbers in your list. The motto here remains “”simple is the best’. You can create your first opt-in page by choosing one from the many templates.
  • Module 3 – Secret Thank you pages: You can start monetizing from your list from the day with the help of this module. Great offers can be highlighted on your Thank you page to start getting revenue from day one. You can bring momentum to your email marketing program by adding offers on your Thank you page that are advised by Anik Singal.
  • Module 4 – Autoresponder and Tracking your clicks: This complex looking module is easy enough once you go through the details on how to setup auto responder service for your list. You would also be able to learn to track your clicks and its significance.
  • Module 5 – Email Marketing Strategy: This module teaches about the four types of emails and three important rules which are important to learn before you send out any emails. Anik Singal shares his secret strategy and explanations on the same in this module.
  • Module 6 – Increasing your profits: Anik Singal shares great tactics and criteria list which would help in increasing your profits through email marketing.
  • Module 7 – Getting Traffic: This module has stepwise seven methods which guide on how to start maximizing traffic for your opt-in page and the offer you are providing.
  • Module 8 – Increasing Results: Once you have sufficient numbers of subscribers on your list, this module focus on important methods to entice more people to view your email.

Users can benefit themselves with other add-on resources and tutorial videos with this email marketing program Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal.

100K Factory ULTRA EDITION Review

Financial freedom is an issue that everyone longs to obtain in the changing financial world. The advent of internet businesses has offered us the option of obtaining income without having to spend a lot of money. Electronic Commerce or internet businesses require a successful plan that will not waste your time. 100K Factory ULTRA EDITION Review is a capable but reliable ecommerce webhosting activity that can safeguard our internet businesses. Furthermore, this review offers essential tools that one can implement in order to be successful in the online or ecommerce businesses. The acquisition of insight and training on improving your internet business traffic can assure your increased profitability in service delivery.


One may ask what benefits I can achieve from ULTRA EDITION . The 100K Factory teaches internet entrepreneurs different skills in four simple steps. First, this review teaches on how one can compose an internet plan for the business. Composition of the business plan depends on the promotion of your specific online company. Sub headings and headings can be a useful tool for scanning through and duplicating information’s.

Secondly, this review shows you how to design your own website in easy steps. The website is crucial for the success of the internet business. Attractive website design allows the acquisition and attraction of customers. This review shows how the designing can be done by anyone. Indexing of the attractive website will be easy as people will be looking at the most attractive and resourceful website.

Thirdly, this review educates on the need of employing social media tricks. In the new century social media has been regarded as the most advanced form of marketing for the emergent society. Exploiting the facts in this review assures the obtaining of social media customers. Learning the use of social media can benefit you to obtain different customers at a single instance.

Forth, This review assures that every internet business employs the best search engine optimization tools. Building the best website is not all to it. As a website owner one should consider the need for the website to achieve optimal visibility in search engines. This review educates people to employ the latest search engine optimization techniques. Common trends are keyword positioning and link building techniques.


The 100K Factory Ultra Edition is the best program for the internet businesses that longs to break even in this saturated world of internet businesses. Some experts consider it to be the real ad sense income providing resource for the different website in the world. The review offers you a clear but slow paced process that is suitable for beginners and skilled personnel. Formulas described in the review have been proven and tested by internet business gurus together with Ecommerce experts. Although the program is paid for, one can be assured of obtaining their value for money. The review is a must have for all entrepreneurs who are passionate about their online businesses. In short, the review offers one tailored instructions for making the business to think outside the box. The online business system can assure lucrative returns for all internet business owners.

A review of Push Button Influence

When you hear the world Push Button Influence, you know it is related to either video or audio. If you continue guessing then you will definitely land to the opinion that it has something to do with internet marketing. If you are in that path, you are right. Push Button Influence is a video approach to enhancing marketing strategies developed by Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher.

All about it

Push Button Influence is what we call in marketing a Video Sales letter (VSL) creator and editor. You can use it to create marketing videos. The tool comes with an added advantage of creating stunning videos that will impress your audience. The created videos can be embedded on any website. It is an Easy Video suite that comes with lead pages. It can be used by people with the simplest technical computing skills to create sales letters.

What it does

With Push Button Influence, you will be able to create beautiful video landing pages. You can also use it to develop sales pages, customized video players with an overlay call to action, video squeeze pages and resume payback. That means that you videos can come with controls for the visitors to use. The tool comes with a plug in that can ease the deployment on your site.

Its Features

The suite comes with the mind maps, delay call to action buttons in your video, templates that guide you to making a video, web based App with nothing to install, playback options, training kits, copy paste website embed platforms, and customized call to action button that blends with your site.

Video are audio mediums are continually gaining popularity in the advertising world. More marketing strategies employ these mediums to present their products or ideas because they are durable. The tool allows online businesses to be able to present their product without necessarily needing the services of a professional. Your costs are low and you can do whatever you like without acquiring technical skills.

Whenever putting up a marketing video online, it has to be appealing for one stop whatever they were doing to click on the video and if the visitor likes it he or she should be able to pause it or first forward it so that the visitor can be able to resume the view. With PBI, your adverts will be empowered to have a stunning look and visitor control.

The software is good for driving traffic to your website through the video. In a list of advertised videos, with PushButtonInfluence, you will be prominent because of the aesthetics and usage will be encouraged because of the controls. You will also realize that you have reduced marketing costs as you can do all by yourself with Push Button Influence.

Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher Call did a good job to make it easy to use but this comes with a number of challenges. Your video has to be captured with a good camera. The suite does not have enough features to enhance whichever video is posted. What you put up is what you give to your visitors. In the end, having quality video is a must.